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So far, Brendam Docks has had two managers.

The First Manager

From the sixth season up until the twelfth season, this person was the manager of Brendam. He has now resigned and has been replaced with another person.


He wears black trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a black jacket over it and a black bowler hat. In CGI, he wears grey trousers instead.


Television Series

Music Videos

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The Second Manager

This person is the current manager of Brendam Docks. His office is inside the Sodor Shipping Company's building. He is dedicated to keep the docks running smoothly and can usually be found carrying a clipboard around with him.


He wears a white shirt, blue overalls, with the Docks logo, and a yellow hard hat.


Television Series


He may appear in either the twenty-second season or Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie.

Magazine Stories

Voice Actors


  • In Misty Island Rescue and the sixteenth season he only had a moustache, but ever since the seventeenth season, he has grown a beard. His older model is used as a generic dock worker instead.

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