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"You are a clever engine!"
"Don't you mean a crafty one!
— Thomas, joking to his driver

The Craft Show! is a magazine story.


Thomas was delivering skilled people to Wellsworth Church Hall where they were going to sell the things they had made. On the way back to collect more passengers, Thomas stops to admire an old overgrown watermill. At the end of the day, Thomas notices the skilled people looking sad. He overhears them talking about how they really want a permanent craft centre where they could sell their items everyday. The Fat Controller arranges for the old watermill to be made into a craft centre and the skilled people are now kept happy, selling their things and teaching the children.



  • In the television series, Wellsworth has two platforms and is surrounded by a town, not in the countryside. Also, the church hall is nowhere near the station in the television series.

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