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The Complete Series 18 is a two-disc UK DVD set containing all twenty-six episodes from the eighteenth season. A bonus disc of Dinos and Discoveries is included for the last six episodes of Season 18. It was released for digital download in France under the name, Series 18.


Thomas and his friends return in the Complete Series 18, with all episodes together on DVD for the first time! Thomas and Duncan handle some very grumpy passengers, while Salty's spooky story has the engines running scared. Bill and Ben are up to mischief once again, Annie and Clarabel encounter high-speed adventures and Spencer is delighted to pick up a very important passenger from the mainland! Then it's a race against time when the engines work together to clear the snow from the tracks in time for Christmas. Join Thomas and his friends with more fun adventures!

Introducing new friends Gator, Timothy, Marion, Reg and Samson


Disc 1

  1. Old Reliable Edward
  2. Not So Slow Coaches
  3. Flatbeds of Fear
  4. Disappearing Diesels
  5. Signals Crossed
  6. Toad's Adventure
  7. Duck in the Water
  8. Duck and the Slip Coaches
  9. Thomas the Quarry Engine
  10. Thomas and the Emergency Cable
  11. Duncan the Humbug
  12. Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  13. Last Train for Christmas
  14. The Perfect Gift
  15. Marion and the Pipe
  16. Missing Gator
  17. No Steam Without Coal
  18. Spencer's VIP
  19. Long Lost Friend
  20. Toad's Bright Idea

Disc 2

  1. Marion and the Dinosaurs
  2. Millie and the Volcano
  3. Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  4. Samson at Your Service
  5. Emily Saves the World
  6. Samson Sent for Scrap

Bonus Features

Dinos and Discoveries Bonus Disc



  • In the episode selection, a scene from Marion and the Pipe is used for Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger.
  • In the back cover, Marion is missing.

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