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The Complete Second Series

David Mitton


Britt Allcroft
David Mitton
Robert D. Cardona


Britt Allcroft
David Mitton


Ringo Starr

Music by

Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell


HiT Entertainment
ABC for Kids


VHS: May 17th,
DVD: April 18, 2005,
2010, 2012 (UK)
April 6th, 2006


144 mins

Preceded by

The Complete First Series

Followed by

The Complete
Third Series

The Complete Second Series is a UK/Australian VHS/DVD featuring all twenty-six second season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr. It was originally distributed on VHS by VCI in 1999. It was then released on DVD in 2005 and re-released by HiT Entertainment in 2010 and 2012. In Australia, it was released on DVD by ABC for Kids in 2006.


It's full steam ahead for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends in a perfect classic collection of the whole second series. In this fantastic selection of 26 episodes, the little blue engine manages to create more than his fair share of mischief. He crashes through the wall of the stationmaster's house, goes missing and manages to be spooked by Percy. Watch out because it's not only Thomas who is up to tricks as we join his friends Donald, Douglas, Henry, Percy, Gordon, James and of course The Fat Controller, In this action packed classic collection with not one but TWO videos/in this bumpersized DVD.

The Fat Controllers Letter (VHS)

Welcome, My Dear Friends, to a very special treat I have brought all the way from Sodor Railways, just for you.

Yes! Here's another splendid collection of video stories for you to enjoy again and again; and this compilation is particularly special, a real collector's item.

This Classic Collection of videos contains all 26 episodes from the second series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It seems like only yesterday when the series was first shown on TV. 'Pon my soul! This was the first time you would have been introduced to Devious Diesel, the Scottish Twins Donald and Douglas, Daisy and dear old BoCo.

You probably won't remember when Britt Allcroft and David Mitton first brought Thomas out of his Engine Shed, and onto the TV Screens. At first, I must confess I was a little nervous.

Would fame and fortune change my Number One Engine? I am delighted to report Thomas is still running on time, and eager to carry grown-ups and their children on my railway. The only problem I have now is that all my engines want to appear in these splendid stories.

Anyway, I have a railway to run, and must go and check The Troublesome Trucks are not being too bothersome!

Thomas and all my other engines and friends wish you hours of fun watching this Second Classic Collection.

With kind regards I remain

Yours truly,
Sir Topham Hatt - The Fat Controller


  1. Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  2. Cows
  3. Bertie's Chase
  4. Saved from Scrap
  5. Old Iron
  6. Thomas and Trevor
  7. Percy and the Signal
  8. Duck Takes Charge
  9. Percy and Harold
  10. The Runaway
  11. Percy Takes the Plunge
  12. Pop Goes the Diesel
  13. Dirty Work
  14. A Close Shave
  15. Better Late Than Never
  16. Break Van
  17. The Deputation
  18. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  19. Daisy
  20. Percy's Predicament
  21. The Diseasel
  22. Wrong Road
  23. Edward's Exploit
  24. Ghost Train
  25. Woolly Bear
  26. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree


  • This was the last VHS release to feature the Fat Controller's letter.
  • The 2012 release features restored footage.
  • The original UK VHS was released both as a single cassette and double cassette release.
  • The 2010 DVD cover shows an image from Saving Edward.
  • The 2012 DVD cover shows an image from Thomas and the Lighthouse.
  • The back cover of the Australian double pack features images from Thomas and the Lighthouse and Three Cheers for Thomas.


  • The screencaps on the 2012 release menus are not restored.


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