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“I would like you to go to the harbour tonight, you'll have to collect something... rather unusual.”
Sir Topham Hatt to Thomas, Thomas, Percy and the Dragon, third season

Thomas was once sent to collect a paper Chinese Dragon from Knapford Harbour. He was surprised at its appearance, until his driver explained it was made of paper and could do no harm. Unfortunately, Percy, who was stuck on a siding at the time, did not realise this and was scared by it as Thomas went past him. Percy later saw the dragon at Elsbridge, but was relieved that it was only a fake.

The Chinese Dragon can also be lit up inside to become illuminated. It is now popular with funfair specials. Since the tenth season, the Chinese Dragon can move its head and dance about.


The Chinese Dragon is yellow with red and green detail. Its original colour in the Magazines was green with red eyes.


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  • In some merchandise bios and on the Official Website, The Chinese Dragon is mistakenly referred to as being alive.
  • The Chinese Dragon was not named until the tenth season episode, Percy and the Funfair.