“That helicopter is no use at all! He's caused confusion and delay and I'm in a hurry today!”
―Thomas referring to Harold

The Carol Concert, shortened to Carol Concert and slightly altered in 2012, is a magazine story.


Snow has fallen across the Island of Sodor and Thomas is trying to push his way through it in order to deliver the presents and parcels. Thomas passes Harold who offers to help. Thomas accepts and some sacks of post are loaded into Harold's cargo net. Harold's blades blow snow all over Thomas who is not happy. Thomas declares that Harold is no help at all and he steams away. Thomas is in a hurry because he is carrying the song sheets for the carol concert which is to be held at the Main Station that night.

Once he had delivered the post, Harold comes hovering above Thomas again. This time, his blades cause a snowslide which blocks the line. Thomas is stuck and has to ask Harold to take the song sheets. The sheets are loaded into Harold's net and he flies away, very pleased with his important job.

As Harold flies over the village, his cargo net breaks and the song sheets flutter down to the street and scatter among the people busy doing their Christmas shopping. Then Thomas arrives and is upset to see the chaos. Harold offers to fly to the main station and explain, but there is no need. A crowd of people have formed behind the two friends; people have picked up the song sheets and want to attend the carol concert. Thomas is pleased and admits that Harold has been helpful after all.