“Call me the tuck-shop train!”

The Bun Run! is a magazine story.


One morning, the baker is late delivering buns to the main station café. Thomas sets off on the school run and, on the way, spots the baker who's van has broken down. The baker asks Thomas to take the buns to the station café. However, Thomas has to get the children to school first. Unfortunately there is a signal delay and Thomas must wait for a long time. Presently, the children start to get hungry, so the guard gives them some buns.

At last, Thomas drops the children off at school and heads back to the main station café. Thomas explains that there are not many buns left, but the woman at the café does not mind because the baker has been asked to supply buns to the school tuck-shop everyday as the children enjoyed the buns so much. Thomas is given the job of taking the buns to the school each morning along with the children.


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