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“The cranes are for lifting heavy things like engines and coaches and trucks.”
Thomas' driver, Thomas and the Breakdown Train, first season

The Breakdown Train is composed of two cranes, flatbeds, and a coach for the workmen.


The Breakdown Train is pulled to accident scenes to lift engines, coaches and trucks onto the rails. The train is manned by workmen. Thomas once brought it to rescue James after he crashed into a field from being pushed by the Troublesome Trucks.

Since Rocky's arrival, the Breakdown Cranes were rarely seen, but the works unit coach - in several colours - has regularly appeared in the CGI series.

The Breakdown Train returns in The Adventure Begins, in the form of Judy and Jerome, gaining new colours and increasing in size. Additionally, the works unit coach is now painted orange-brown, its Railway Series livery.


The cranes are based on a Cowans Sheldon 30 ton breakdown crane. The works unit coach is based on a Great Western Railway "LE4MW" class coach, which has been converted into a workmen's compartment coach. however in the Railway Series it appears similar to non-corridor suburban coaches operated by the LMS.


The cranes and flatbeds are painted dark green-grey, as was the coach in the model series and early CGI series. In the Railway Series and from The Adventure Begins onwards, the coach is painted orange-brown with a grey roof and "WORKS UNIT" painted on its sides in white.


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  • The Breakdown Train's model is currently on display at Drayton Manor, although the flatbed underneath the crane's hook is absent.
  • In the UK dub of the game Trouble on the Tracks, despite it still being it's regular name in the show the Breakdown Train is referred to as the "Breakdown Truck" for unknown reasons.
  • Since the thirteenth season, many recoloured versions of the Works Unit Coach have been seen, mostly being used in goods trains. The coach also gained front windows.


All merchandises but Hornby had only one crane and flatbed and without the works unit coach, although it was sold separately in TOMY.

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