The Big Job is a book containing two short stories.

The Big Job

Rocky is a big crane. Gordon, Edward and Thomas feel he is too big and they do not need his help. Rocky offers to help Edward but Edward declines. However, Edward ends up hitting a bump and spilling his cargo on the track. Edward asks Harvey for help but the job is too much for him. Suddenly, Gordon crashes to the spilled load. Thomas arrives and thinks the engines do need Rocky's help after all. Edward fetches him and soon everything is put right again.


Harvey is a crane engine. The other engines think Harvey looks odd. This makes him feel sad, but Sir Topham Hatt assures him he is not odd. Later, Percy is having a bad time with some trucks and ends up crashing near a bridge. The wreck is blocking Bertie's road and Percy is off the tracks. Sir Topham Hatt informs Harvey, who happily sets off to the rescue. That night, the engines declare Harvey is not odd at all.