The Big Fix-it Day is a sounds book.


It is a busy day at the Sodor Steamworks. Kids can help get the train engines ready to work by utilising the book's interactive features: When Rosie has trouble pulling a freight car out of Knapford Yards, a quick turn of the gears tracks down a new coupling hook. The passengers on Bertie are complaining of a bumpy ride. Kids solve the problem by turning the gears and finding an air pump for Bertie's tyres. Terence needs help tightening his bulldozer blade. No problem, finding a wrench is easy with a turn of the gears. Thomas is worried about his squeaking brakes. Kids can help by turning the gears to uncover a new brake pipe. Children turn the gears to reveal an important visitor to the Sodor Steamworks: Sir Topham Hatt.


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