The Best Bus is a magazine story published in May 1998.


Thomas and Bertie always work very well together, however one day, Thomas is at a station and is very surprised that Bertie is not at the bus stop. Instead, an open-topped double-decker bus arrives, which makes Thomas worried about Bertie. Later, Thomas finds Bertie working on a different timetable. Bertie worries that he might be turned into a hen-house if the open-topped double-decker bus proves more successful than him. However, when Thomas goes down to the harbour, he meets an old friend, a former ship's captain, who is concerned about the heavy rain scheduled in the weather forecast. Sure enough, it is starting to rain, much to the annoyance of the passengers on the open-topped double-decker bus. Luckily though, Bertie is there too, so all the passengers get aboard him instead, which makes Bertie very happy indeed.


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