"There is a backlog of goods trains to be cleared "
— The Fat Controller

The Backlog is a magazine story.


Lots of visitors had come from all over the mainland for the big harvest festival on the Island of Sodor. It was a very busy week for the Fat Controller's engines with the extra work. But to make matters worse Henry and BoCo were both at the works being repaired and the Fat Controller had to change the timetables. Percy and James were asked to stop their shunting and work for the time being, so they can pull passenger trains. While the engines were busy the trucks were left behind in the yards with their goods awaiting delivery. At the end of the week, the Fat Controller realised the problem and told his engines about the backlog of goods trains. He gave the engines their instructions. Percy and James were sent back to shunt trucks, much to James' disappointment! As one goods train is ready, an engine was there to pull it through the night. Even engine like Gordon helped out with the work. The variety of goods were delivered at all various locations through the night of Sodor. By sunrise all the goods were delivered. The Fat Controller came to the sheds to congratulate his engines, all except Thomas. However he arrived back after delivering the post train. The Fat Controller was very proud of his engines with their hard work.




  • Gordon is coloured green and Duck's dome is yellow in the seventh illustration. 
  • Some of the children are missing their faces while they're merrily dancing in the fifth illustration. 


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