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Terence and Trevor

Thomas & Friends 620


August 3rd, 2011

Terence and Trevor is a magazine story.


One morning, Thomas took Terence to a country station where the tractor explained that he and Trevor were going to take part in a tug of war! Thomas wished Terence good luck and set off. A short while later, Thomas meets Trevor who has new tyre treads for gripping in the tug of war. Thomas wishes the traction engine good luck too.

That afternoon, the farm show began. Soon, Terence and Trevor were joined together with an iron bar (a rope would snap with their power!). Suddenly, Trevor went crashing backwards into a pile of haystacks. No one knew what had happened until a crowd member shouts out that Terence was pushing instead of pulling! Terence was given the job of pulling Trevor out of the haystacks, but couldn't move the traction engine without pulling the haystacks too! Fortunately the crowd had great fun digging Trevor free. Trevor was determined not to star in any more tug of wars; giving rides was much safer!



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