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"Is this your mother?"
— Terence and the lamb

Terence's Little Lamb is a magazine story.


One morning, Thomas alerts Terence to a lamb by the track which he believes to be lost. Terence hurries off to look after the lamb. When he finds the lamb, he takes it to look for its mother. First, Terence takes the little lamb to a field where they meet a cow. Terence asks if the cow is the lamb's mother, but it isn't. Next, they find a goat in a barn, but that's not the lamb's mother either. In the yard, Terence and the lamb come across a hen scratching for food. Terence learns that the hen is not the lamb's mother either. Then, they stop by a pig who is also not the lamb's mother.

Terence and the lamb set off up a hill and when they reach the top, they find a woolly white sheep waiting by the path. The lamb catches sight of the sheep and immediately runs to her. Terence had found the lamb's mother.


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