Ten Engine Friends is a book that was included in the Me Reader and 8-Book Library.


The sun was shining at Tidmouth Sheds, where Thomas (#1) wakes up and peeps "Hello!" to Sir Topham Hatt. He has a surprise for all the engines; fresh coats of paint. Edward (#2) has to collect two cans of paint from town. Henry (#3) was due in three minutes, but he stops at a tunnel instead as he did not want his paint to be spoiled from the rain. Gordon (#4) would never let he rain stop him, though four cows on the tracks did. Sir Topham Hatt gives James (#5) a special job at delivering flowers to five different festivals on Sodor. Percy (#6) delivers the same thing he always deliver; the mail! He does not mind as everyone is always happy to meet him. Percy has to take six boxes of mail. Seven passengers are waiting at the station, where Toby (#7) is picking them up. Duck (#8) has to collect some trucks from the yard, and he passed eight signals. The last job is for Donald (#9), and his driver filled his tender up with coal. After a long day's work, Douglas (#10) heads to the shed to have a rest, where the other engines are.