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The Taxis provide door to door passenger transport service throughout the Island of Sodor. "TAXI 1" is painted in a purple livery, whereas "TAXI 2" is painted in a black livery.

In the Railway Series, they first made a cameo in the book, Edward the Blue Engine. In the television series, they first made a cameo in the fifth season episode Make Someone Happy to take Mrs. Kyndley to the yard. The taxis have since appeared in the sixth, seventh, tenth, twelfth, fourteenth and fifteenth seasons.


Most of the taxis are based on Austin London Taxis of 1936.



  • A slightly different taxi can be seen in the magazine story, Holiday Hat. It has the number plate: PORT 1.
  • Taxi 2's model is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


  • ERTL (Taxi 1, discontinued)
Non-rail vehicles

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