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Tatá Guarnieri (born August 26th, 1954) is a Brazilian voice actor who narrated the Brazilian version of Thomas & Friends. He provided narration for the first - fifth seasons and Hero of the Rails onwards.

As a voice actor, he is known for voicing characters in dubs of various films, cartoons, and animes such as Kenshin Himura from "Rurouni Kenshin", Soun Tendo from "Ranma 1/2", Tiger's Eye from "Sailor Moon", Roger Rabbit from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", Boo-Boo from "Yogi Bear", and King Julien from "The Penguins of Madagascar". He also regularly dubs for actors such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Keifer Sutherland, and Will Ferrell.


  • Both he and Takeshi Aono voiced Solomon Muto from "Yu-Gi-Oh!" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Ryōtarō Okiayu voiced Tiger's Eye from "Sailor Moon" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Nozomu Sasaki voiced Hare from "Monster Rancher" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Jarosław Boberek voiced King Julien from "The Penguins of Madagascar" in their respective languages.

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