Hebrew dub

Turns out Thomas and the Magic Railroad was not the only special to be dubbed into Hebrew - During the summer vacation this year, SLOTLT was actually shown in Israel in Cinematheque Tel Aviv, and I never even knew until now. That really is amazing to hear. Unfortunately, there is no audio/video evidence, other than posts on Hop!'s Facebook page and this page on the Cinematheque website (in Hebrew):

Instead of "Agadat Sodor Shel HaOtsar HeAvud", they called it "Agadat HaOtsar HeAvud" ("Legend of the Lost Treasure"). No other information is known, but I was thankfully not entirely correct in relation to TTTE specials in Israel, though I still have no idea about any of the previous specials. :D TheIsraeliSudrian (talk) 10:59, September 23, 2016 (UTC)

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