Please delete "CGI Series", "Classic Series", and "New Series"

A long time ago, I did not take much notice of this page, but when a user on this talk page brought up a point to User:Thomasfan about how Bertie was the only character in Season 13 that had not previously been seen in CGI in Hero of the Rails, I realised that something was up with having this page and the other two pages, Classic Series and New Series.

I plead to have these three pages deleted. "Classic Series", "New Series", and to an extent "CGI Series" (as a proper noun), are opinionated fan-made names that have never been used in any official context. The closest anything has gotten like to it is HiT Entertainment's TV portfolio website that sorts the seasons by their length for distributions etc.

Using these names in other pages are lazy substitutes for words that could be expressed specifically, such as by season numbers or particular people like Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell and companies like Jam Filled Entertainment. The grouping of the seasons is also an issue because some would also consider grouping them differently. For example, Seasons 1-5 are quite different from Season 6-7, and there are still things in common with the crew working on Seasons 6-7 to the crew on Seasons 8-12. To add to this problem, Season 12 is covered on two pages just because it has noticeable CGI, but it's still live-action and seven minutes long. You'd think there would be an agreement to single it to one page. It also does not make sense separating the seasons because in the US, Season 7 was broadcast with the Season 8 credits, re-scored with Robert Hartshorne's music, and was even broadcast within the Season 8 half hour programs as new episodes.

Furthermore, I see a problem to how these pages are written. The CGI Series page feels like it is presented more like someone's excited fan blog than a Wikia article. It is biased to pointing out only new characters, new locations, characters making their first appearance in CGI, and some returning locations as being the season's only "highlights". The only two pages only point out characters introduced for the first time, and barely a mention of locations. They also don't point out many "returning" characters after being absent for more than one season, whilst the Misty Island Rescue/Season 14 sections point out returning characters that were gone for one season due to the CGI change. I ask why do the current admins feel they need to keep updating the CGI Series with pictures of new and returning characters? What is the point?

Why don't we just get rid of the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends page if all the work seems to be going into these three pages? What about the season pages? Why don't those pages have all of this stuff instead? It's practically the same information. The main TV series page could have an overhaul instead. What about making pages for the "Wilbert Awdry Series" and the "Christopher Awdry Series" and have sections with galleries highlighting the new characters introduced in each book? I really think these pages should go and the work can be put into the other existing pages instead where no unofficial and fan-made terms can be used on this factual website.

By the way, "Twenty-First Season" should be written as "Twenty-first season". Jdogman (talk) 12:35, September 3, 2017 (UTC)

I've noticed that since I've written this message, a lot of images of the characters and locations that have returned in CGI have been added to this page. I still ask though, what do the admins see in needing this page and why do they bother? Why can't all these sections be placed in the appropriate season/movie page? Jdogman (talk) 00:00, September 23, 2017 (UTC)
The admins and other staff members have all decided to keep this page as it's a helpful way to show new characters, returning characters, same with locations and highlights from the season without having to go to every separate season or movie page. There's nothing wrong with these pages and no one else wants them removed. Also you said names like "Classic Series", "New Series", and "CGI Series" are fan-made names but you later mention "Wilbert Awdry Series"? Adding on to that, you questioned the season grouping. Season 8 is the first season of the "new series" since it's a "new era" of Thomas, being the first produced by HiT Entertainment. Season 12 is a hybrid season, meaning it's considered both model series because it uses the models and CGI because the CGI faces made by Nitrogen were added onto the models. To finish this up, Bertie is also not the only character in Season 13 to not be featured in Hero of the Rails. Trevor and the Troublesome Trucks are on there as well. 
James the Train Lover (Message Me!) 11:52, October 20, 2017 (UTC)
I understand that there are many people who like these three pages. I certainly do not want to see "Wilbert Awdry Series" and "Christopher Awdry Series", but given the way these pages are going, I'm surprised that the admins haven't done versions for The Railway Series already (whilst re-releases and compilations strangely seem to only pay attention to the first 26 books).
I don't doubt that Season 8 was the beginning of a new era and kind of Thomas. Big World! Big Adventures! (or even earlier with Jam Filled Productions animating and Mattel Creations distributing) is also the beginnings of a new era however and I'm not seeing a seperate page for that, considering Season 12 gets this leeway. In the beginnings of the CG seasons, though it was no longer live-action, it was still HiT Entertainment's show and the storytelling style was almost the same. The issue with using these names on the wiki and the insistence of dividing galleries up is that you're giving this illusion that the TV series are three different shows.
Also, I assume almost all pages would be eventually unlocked at some point. Of course, all forthcoming seasons and movies would be locked before released, but this article, as it constantly deals with upcoming and just announced information, appears that it will almost never be unlocked. You're now dealing with a page largely containing information well and truly in the past which aren't protected on other similar pages and have no need to. I don't see why you can't just move each section into their respective season/movie's page. They'd still look good there with their galleries, and almost anyone would be able to edit them. You can then group all the opening and closing sequences and place them in the Thomas & Friends article. Even yet, the Island of Sodor opening sequence could have its own article that can list the characters and locations like other pages. Jdogman (talk) 11:58, November 14, 2017 (UTC)

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