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This article is about the US release. You may be looking for the UK and Swedish releases.

Tales from the Tracks is a US VHS/DVD featuring six ninth season episodes and three songs. The DVD was released as Little Engines Big Days Out in the UK/AUS. It was released under the title The Magic Lamp for Danish audiences, Little Trains on a Day Out for Norwegian and Swedish audiences, and The Little Locomotive Excursion for the Finnish audiences.  It was released under the title Thomas and Friends - Volume 7 for Spanish audience. It was released under the title, Thomas the Rescuer for Czech audiences which features two eighth season episodes and five ninth season episodes.



Ride the rails to fun and adventure as Thomas™ and his friends steam through Sodor in Tales From The Tracks.

Join Thomas for a birthday picnic, discover a ghost engine that's not what it seems and learn the legend of a very special lamp with Peter Sam! Then try and keep up with James, listen to Rusty's beautiful music and make tracks as Thomas tries his best.

There's excitement around every bend in these six stories from the Number 1 Engine.

UK 2006/AUS

It's a fun day out with Thomas & Friends. With over 50 minutes of brand new stories from famous Sodor sights.

UK 2009

It's a fun day out with Thomas & Friends. With over 50 minutes of thrilling stories from famous Sodor sights.


Join Thomas and his friends on new adventures on Sodor. This time we get to join in on a birthday picnic. Thomas knows about a good place to have it, but what shall they do when it starts to rain?



  1. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic *
  2. Flour Power *
  3. The Magic Lamp ***
  4. Keeping up with James *
  5. Tuneful Toots
  6. Thomas Tries His Best **

(*Followed by a Learning Segment)

(**Followed by a song)

(***Followed by both)


  1. Thomas and the Birthday Day Out
  2. The Concert
  3. The Ghost Train
  4. The Magic Lamp
  5. Thomas' Funfair Trip
  6. James and the Christmas Present Train


  1. Thomas and the Picnic
  2. The Musical Train
  3. The Flour
  4. The Magic Lamp
  5. Thomas Does His Best
  6. Keeping up with James


  1. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
  2. Catchy Tunes
  3. The Pale Face
  4. The Magic Lamp
  5. Thomas Does his Best
  6. Hurry, Hurry!


  1. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
  2. Harmonious Whistles
  3. The Flour to the Power
  4. The Magic Lamp
  5. Thomas Does His Best
  6. James Wants to be the First


  1. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
  2. Tuneful Toots
  3. Flour Power


  1. Thomas the Rescuer
  2. Birthday Picnic
  3. Haunted Flour
  4. Thomas Tries
  5. How to Catch James
  6. Whistling to the Rhythm
  7. Henry and the Tree Wishes (Bonus Episode)

Learning Segments

  1. What Does Toby See?
  2. Cool Down Delivery
  3. What Goes Where? **
  4. Dot to Dot - James

(**Followed by a song)


  1. Engine Rollcall
  2. Every Day's a Special Day on Sodor
  3. Day and Night (US DVD and Bonus feature only)

Bonus Features



  • Arthur's Tricky Travels game
  • Spot the Difference game


  • This is the final US VHS release.
  • Michael Brandon narrates the US DVD Menu.
  • This is the first US release to be distributed by Twentieth Century Fox.
  • Henry is mirrored on the front cover, viewers can tell as his brakepipe is on the wrong side of his running board and his eyebrows are a different shape unlike how they're usually.
  • This is the first Thomas US DVD and only UK DVD to feature specially shot live action interactive DVD games.
  • In the UK DVD, the games doesn't show the quit sign as the US DVD does.
  • On the back cover, one of the pictures shows Thomas with a Day Out with Thomas face.
  • In the 2006 UK DVD Menu, stills from Saving Edward, Rheneas and the Dinosaur, Thomas' Milkshake Muddle, Bold and Brave and Thomas and the Statue are used in one of the selections.
  • In the menu selections, instrumental music from the episodes is played in every selection with the sounds being heard.
    • In the Select-a-Scene Menu, Instrumental music from Thomas and the Birthday Picnic when Thomas arrived at Knapford is played.
    • In the episode selections, Instrumental music from the beginning of Flower Power is heard.
    • In the songs selection, Instrumental music from Thomas and the Birthday Picnic when Thomas started his journey heading to Shen Valley.
  • The UK DVD was criticised in 2011 over the stories and interactive segments featuring the term "Winter Holidays" instead of Christmas and "Trees with Decorations" instead of Christmas trees. HiT Entertainment responded saying it was not a seasonal release, but the issue caused them to push back the latest DVD, Merry Winter Wish, for a release in October 2012 instead of 2011 so that they could re-narrate the audio to mention Christmas.
  • In another Swedish version of the DVD Little Engines on a Day Out, Keeping Up with James was renamed, Hurry, Hurry!


  • The following features in the DVD menu:
    • James' tender is missing.
    • Thomas' rear wheels sometimes come off the rails when he turns around sharp bends.
  • In Arthur's Tricky Travels, Arthur has Edward's whistle sound.
  • On the back cover of the UK DVD, it says that Rusty told the story about Proteus, but it was actually Skarloey who told the story. It also give the episode the title "Peter Sam and the Magic Lamp."
  • On the VHS label, the DVD logo is present.
  •  The description in the Danish release says that it rains in Thomas and the Birthday Picnic, but it does not.
  • On the Norwegian back cover, Rheneas is misspelled "Reneas." Peter Sam is also misnamed "Sir Peter".
  • Michael Angelis is credited in the opening in Norwegian releases.

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