Take a Whiff, James! is a magazine story.


One Winters day, Whiff is taking rubbish to the dump. When he passes James, he grumbles about how smelly Whiff is. That afternoon, Whiff had finished his work and Sir Topham Hatt is so impressed he gives Whiff the rest of the day off. Meanwhile, James is at the docks waiting for a big holiday delivery to arrive. Cranky is lifting rubbish for Whiff to pick up the next day when one of the bundels split open spilling smelly rubbish onto James. Back at Whiff's shed, Sir Topham Hatt runs up to Whiff and tells him he needs to help clean up the mess. When he arrives, Whiff is surprised to see James so dirty. When everything is cleaned up, James races off to the washdown as fast as he could. That evening, while Whiff is resting in his shed. James arrives and apologises for being rude and thanks Whiff for helping him out. Whiff whistles with joy knowing he has a new friend.




  • In the second picture, James is said to be covered in rubbish but is clean.

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