“Gah! I must have been hit by a hundred beach balls today! Kites and beach balls should be banned from beaches!”

Take Cover! is a magazine story.


The summer holiday season is in full swing on Sodor and everyone on the beach is having a great time - except for Bulstrode. Despite being a special attraction, he is very gloomy; beach balls and kites keep hitting him and sand is blown in his face. Needless to say, the grumpy barge was pleased when everyone went home. Only Danny, who hires deckchairs to the holidaymakers, is left behind collecting the chairs. A few of the deckchairs had been torn, but Danny did not mind, he keeps a roll of stripy deck chair canvas at home for just such occasions. Just then, Lorry 1 reversed onto the beach with some sand. He was not being careful and he crushes Danny's deckchair store-shed. Danny is worried, as the tide may wash all of his chairs away. Bulstrode has an idea and instructs Danny to put the deckchairs in his hull for safekeeping. The following day, as a thank you, Danny arrives with a canvas to cover Bulstrode's hull with. Now, beach balls and kites cannot touch him.



  • The canvas Danny makes for Bulstrode only covers his hull, so he is still not fully protected from balls and kites.
  • When Danny is collecting up the deck chairs, the illustration shows that it is dusk, but when Lorry 1 reverses onto the beach (which is said to take place at the same time), it is daylight again and there are people on the beach.
  • Smoke is coming from Bulstrode's funnel/exhaust pipe.