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Please visit the TUGS wiki, based on the sister series of Thomas and Friends.

TUGS was the sister show of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, the series had a short run of thirteen episodes and lasted from 1988 to 1990. Thomas and Friends used some of the TUGS models after the series was cancelled, such as the S.S. Roxstar, Lakesider III, the cranes, the boats, and the Fultan Ferry, some of the TUGS had made it past the switch-over and are now generated in the CGI series.

TUGS was directed by David Mitton and Robert D. Cardona as a production of Clearwater Features.


  • The China Clay Trucks used in second season of Thomas and Friends were later used as Goods Trucks pulled by Puffa and the Goods Engine in TUGS.
  • In December 2012/January 2013, members of SiF purchased most of the original TUGS models and formed The Star Tugs Trust, which aims to restore the models.
  • Big Mickey and S.S. Vienna were the only two characters from TUGS to make into the CGI series.
  • A few crane models which were used as background items in TUGS were later seen throughout the series and were even generated in CGI.
  • A seagull model seen in the finale episode of TUGS was later seen as background stock for the harbours of Sodor, more models were also made, and some similar ones were also generated in CGI.


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