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"Thanks for the ride, Cranky! I guess we're even now. You dented my tank and wobbled my wheels and I strained your hook!"
— Thomas
Swing King Cranky

Thomas & Friends 558


March 4th, 2009

Swing King Cranky is a magazine story.


One day, Thomas was delivering some goods to the Docks. Cranky lifted up Thomas' truck, but he didn't know that Thomas was not uncoupled. Thomas' back end is lifted into the air before, finally, the coupling snaps. Thomas lands on his sides, denting his tanks and making his wheels wobble. Cranky is sorry and lifts Thomas into the air with some chains. Thomas enjoyed swaying back and forth in the wind, but Cranky's hook was becoming sore and soon has to put Thomas down. Thomas declares that they are now even, Cranky has damaged Thomas' tanks and wheels and Thomas has made Cranky's hook sore! Thomas rushes to the sheds to tell the other engines all about his day.



  • Readers were able to interact with the story with the tools that came free with the magazine.


  • When lifted by Cranky, Thomas is not secured properly.


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