Susan Roman (born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on April 17th, 1957) is a Canadian voice actress who voiced James in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

She is a widely renowned voice actress in Canada, providing voices in various animes, cartoons and films, such as Scarlett Witch and Callisto from "X-Men: The Animated Series", Champ Bear from  "The Care Bears", Eddie and Sarah Lynn from "Little People", Snowy from "The Adventures of Tintin", various characters from the "Strawberry Shortcake" specials from the 1980's, Angel from "Rock & Rule", Beatrice 'Bea' Bear (Bear's little sister) from "Franklin the Turtle" (on occasions) and Sailor Jupiter/Lita/Makoto from both the DIC and Cloverway dubs of "Sailor Moon".

However, her most notable voice in her acting career goes back to 1987 when she voiced Melissa Raccoon for the hit Canadian show "The Raccoons" created by Kevin Gillis, voicing the character for a record amount of 5 years until the show ended in 1991.


  • James (Thomas and the Magic Railroad; final cut)


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