Surprise Adventures is an audiobook released in 1998 on cassette in the UK; it was later rereleased in 2000 on cassette and CD in Australia. It features ten songs narrated by Michael Angelis and was written by Alec Reid.


Thomas' winter adventures began one winter when the mail arrived late from the mainland. Very soon, he was helping Harold the Helicopter with a daring rescue. As you listen to this brand new story, you will discover you can have fun joining in with ten songs about Thomas and his friends.


The engines are resting after Christmas but more work needs to be done. The Fat Controller explains to Thomas that the Christmas mail is delayed and that he and Percy are to take it. However after a rather silly accident involving Percy, Thomas is to take all the mail, leaving him puffed out the next morning.

Thomas is ready for work again and on the way he explains to Percy that he will soon be rescued. As he is working he discovers Donald's duck, Dilly, who is stranded on the ice and can't move. However Harold comes to the rescue, and Thomas and friends look after her, despite that fact that she is a pain!

Spring soon arrives, followed by Summer. Thomas is needed to take seven coaches to Gordon, but Thomas needs help and Bill and Ben are the only engines left. Can they help out?



  1. It's Great to be an Engine
  2. Sir Topham Hatt
  3. Accidents will Happen
  4. Night Train
  5. The Snow Song
  6. Harold the Helicopter
  7. Donald's Duck
  8. Percy's Seaside Trip
  9. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  10. Come for the Ride


  • On the UK song list, a small advert for the VHS Spooks and Surprises can be seen.
  • Six of the songs on this audiobook were later reused on Thomas' Songs and Roundhouse Rhythms, three on the full release of Thomas' Train Yard Tracks and the last on the sampler version of the latter.
  • The UK cover was reused from the 1997 VHS Playtime.
  • This was the only Thomas audiobook released by MCI (VCI's music division)
  • The episodes, Thomas Comes to Breakfast, Down the Mine and Thomas, Terence and the Snow are referenced.
  • The original master tape was split into two halves for the cassette releases, but was joined together for the CD release where Snow Song fades out and a wind effect fades in.
  • The line "Thomas explained the situation to the driver" after Donald's duck calls for help suggests that the engines are able to understand animals, whereas their drivers cannot.
  • The CD release came as a bonus with some versions of the Australian Thomas & The Jet Engine DVD, while being a later pressing it uses the exact same data as on the standalone CD release of three years prior.


  • On the sleeve of the UK release, Sir Topham Hatt is misspelled as Sir Topham Hat.
  • The intro theme was incorrectly mixed and has the main piano, drums and bass tracks almost solely on the right channel while the other instruments retain their original mix.
  • There is an audible pop at the start of the CD album during the opening theme that is present on all discs pressed.