“You are a super-slider, all right, Percy. But you really slipped up this time!”

Super Slider is a magazine story.


Thick snow has fallen over the Island of Sodor. Thomas and Percy are busy carrying passengers to watch a special skiing competition. Percy finds it fun to chase the skiers downhill, but Thomas warns him to slow down on the slippery rails.

The skiers use poles to help them turn smoothly over the snow. Percy thinks his railway tracks are like the skiers' poles as they keep him on course. At the bottom of the slope, the skiers skillfully swerve to a halt, but Percy remembers that there is a sharp bend in the railway line ahead. Percy tries to brake, but his wheels will not grip the icy rails.

Percy becomes uncoupled from his empty carriages and skids off the line, coming to rest in a deep snowdrift. No one is hurt, but Percy lies shaken, shocked, and half-buried by the snow. Thomas, the skiers, and lots of other people stare at Percy, who is feeling very foolish. Thomas races away to fetch Harvey who lifts Percy back onto the line. Percy admits that his wheels are no match for the skis and ski poles.



  • Percy's smokebox changes height between the first and second illustrations.