“Pah! Who needs stripes when I have bright red paintwork and a shiny brass dome?!”

Stripey! is a short magazine story.


James has been washed and polished. He boasts to Mavis what a smart engine he is. Mavis says he might be smart, but he does not have stripes like her. James does not think he needs stripes when he has bright red paintwork and a gleaming brass dome.

Soon, James stops at a station where he sees Bulgy nearby with the greengrocer selling vegetables. The greengrocer takes off his apron to drive Bulgy to the next village when suddenly a strong gust of wind blows the stripey apron up in the air. The apron lands on James' dome. Next moment, Mavis arrives and sees the stripey apron on James who is rather embarrassed.



  • Bulgy is said to be selling vegetables, but he is in his red livery and still carries his "Railway Bus" sign.

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