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Story and Song Collection (also known as Volume 13 in New Zealand) is a UK/AUS/NZ VHS featuring five fourth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis and five songs.


  1. Gallant Old Engine - Duncan is grumbling about passengers not being important, so Skarloey tells him the story about how Rheneas saved the railway from closure by struggling home on one cylinder with a train jammed full of passengers. Duncan realises just how wrong he was.
  2. Henry and the Elephant - The big engines are grumbling because they are very busy but Percy cheers them up with the big news that the circus has come to town. When the circus leaves, Henry is asked to clear a tunnel that is blocked by something very big... and alive!
  3. Thomas and the Special Letter - All the engines are very excited as they are going on a trip to the station far away to visit a little girl who has written to the Fat Controller. Thomas nearly misses the trip because he is over excited.
  4. Bulls Eyes - Daisy soon regrets teasing Toby about his cow catchers and being afraid of bulls. Champion the Bull doesn't run away when Daisy hoots at him and will not even look her in the eye.
  5. Mind that Bike - Tom Tipper the postman is always happy to help out loading Thomas and Percy's post trains with sacks and letters. When Tom's post van is replaced with a bicycle, he no longer has time to help them, but Percy accidentally does Tom a favour by breaking his bicycle.


  1. Thomas' Anthem *
  2. Don't Judge a Book By its Cover *
  3. The Island Song *
  4. Let's Have a Race *
  5. Toby *

(*Followed by a story)


  • The inner sleeves of the UK and Australian versions included a lyric sheet for Thomas' Anthem. The UK version also included a Thomas Club form.
  • The inner sleeve of the New Zealand release is blank.
  • The New Zealand release spells Sing Along as one word.
  • Some copies of the UK VHS still have the original Video Collection logo on the label.
  • This was the last Thomas VHS to have the 1995 VCI Carnival Advert.


  • The New Zealand release's cover states that the episodes are new, however, they were previously released in their country on Thomas and the Special Letter and Other Stories. This is because they used the UK release's cover as a template. It also states that four stories are included, when the tape features five stories.
  • The back of the New Zealand cover said there are four stories when there are actually five.
  • The cover features an image from Paint Pots and Queens, but that episode is not featured on this home video.