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This article is about the steam engine. You may be looking for the Fat Controller's grandson or the magazine character.
"Careful! I'm an antique you know!"
— Stephen, The Afternoon Tea Express, seventeenth season

  • Designer: Robert Stephenson
  • Builder: Robert Stephenson and Company
  • Built: 1829
  • Configuration: 0-2-2
  • Top speed: 30 mph

Stephen, nicknamed "The Rocket", is owned by Sir Robert Norramby and is one of the oldest engines on Sodor.


Stephen is one of the earliest engines ever built. Newer engines may be faster and stronger than Stephen, but what he lacks in terms of strength or speed, he makes up for with his positive spirit, sense of humour, and knowledge. He used to work at docks and in mines, but now works as a tour-guide at Ulfstead Castle. He can often be seen pulling a blue open-topped carriage and was trapped in the Ulfstead Mine where he discovered King Godred's long lost crown in time for the opening of the castle. In the seventeenth season, he gave Percy a lucky horseshoe when he was having bad luck, helped him trick James and took the Afternoon Tea Express. He and Millie were later waiting at the castle for a special shipment.


Stephen is a jolly old engine with a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. He is a good-hearted and quick-witted engine, and will not take any nonsense from engines like Spencer or Diesel. Some of the smaller engines look up to him for advice, and he is always willing to get the job done.


Stephen is based on Stephenson's Rocket. Though his design is based on the post-Rainhill modifications, Stephen has identified himself as the original Rocket, describing the Rainhill trials and his subsequent working years.


Stephen is painted golden yellow and black. He bears a gold nameplate reading "Rocket". His funnel is painted white with a gold finial and his domes, whistle, exhaust pipes, and boiler bands are bronze.


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  • Stephen does not have a chain for his front coupler.
  • Stephen gained a lamp and a front coupling when he was restored.
  • In the seventeenth season episode, Percy's Lucky Day, it is revealed that Stephen has a lucky horse shoe resting on his exhaust pipe.
  • In the Polish narration, Stephen's name is Sławek, which is also Skarloey's name from the same narration.
  • Stephen's name is more than likely derived from his builder, Robert Stephenson.


Percy: Did you ever see knights in shining armour?
Stephen: No! I may be old, but I'm not that old! And before you ask, I never saw dinosaurs either!

- Percy and Stephen discussing the latter's age, King of the Railway

Spencer: The visitors will wait a long time for their afternoon tea if Stephen is doing the job.
Stephen: I'll have you know they use to call me the Rocket, because I was so speedy!
Spencer: Pah! Compared to a horse and cart maybe!

- Spencer insulting Stephen, "The Afternoon Tea Express", seventeenth season.

Millie: Looks like someone is back to her old self.
Stephen: Yes Marion certainly isn't scared of dinosaurs anymore, in fact you could say she really "Digs" them!

- Millie and Stephen talking about Marion, Marion and the Dinosaurs, eighteenth season.



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