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The stationmaster maintains and manages the station.


A North Western Railway stationmaster's uniform consists of blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue overcoat, and a blue cap, with a brass plate on the front which helps differentiate them from other railway staff such as drivers, firemen, guards and porters.

Voice Actors

The Abbey stationmaster:

The Callan stationmaster:

The Crosby stationmaster:

The Dryaw stationmaster:

The Dryaw Goods Station stationmaster:

The Elsbridge stationmaster:

The Kellsthorpe Road stationmaster:

The Knapford stationmaster:

The Lower Tidmouth stationmaster:

The Maithwaite stationmaster:

The Peel stationmaster:

  • Nobuaki Kanemitsu (Japan; Molly's Special Special)

The Suddery stationmaster:

The Wellsworth stationmaster:

Audio Books


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