Starz Distribution (previously IDT Entertainment and Starz Media) is the motion picture, animation, television, and home video operating unit of Lionsgate. Starz Distribution develops, produces, and acquires original programming content (Starz and AMC), feature films (Anchor Bay Films), anime (Manga Entertainment) and other filmed entertainment. Distribution methods include DVD, digital formats and traditional television.[1]

It was founded in 1991 in Burbank as Encore Media Group. They release films and television shows, such as "Eloise", the "Space Chimps" series,  "Everyone's Hero", "Lower Learning", animes from Manga Entertainment, "The Happy Elf", and "Wow Wow Wubbzy". They also aired the fourth season of the Doctor Who spinoff "Torchwood".

They are the current owners of Anchor Bay Entertainment and former owners of Arc Productions.


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