“I bring you Stafford, the Electric Shunting Engine!”

Stafford Gets Stuck is a Thomas Story Time book.


Spencer has been chosen to show Stafford, the new electric engine, around Sodor. First, Spencer decides to take Stafford to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, but halfway there, Stafford's battery runs out and he grinds to a halt. At the Search and Rescue Centre, Spencer introduces Stafford. The rescue team looks behind Spencer, but there is not anyone there. Feeling silly, Spencer chuffs off to find Stafford.

Spencer finds Stafford in a siding having his battery charged. Stafford tries to explain to Spencer about batteries, but Spencer does not listen as he is sure he knows all about batteries. Next, the pair head for Misty Island. Spencer leads with Stafford following close behind, but Misty Island is a long way away and Stafford's battery runs down again. Spencer does not notice and heads to Misty Island alone. At the Logging Station, Spencer announces Stafford, but the Logging Locos laugh at Spencer because there is no one with him. Now Spencer feels even sillier.

Spencer finds Stafford having his battery charged again. Stafford tries to explain that batteries run out, but Spencer does not listen. Spencer tells Stafford that they must meet the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. On the way to Boxford, Stafford's battery runs out again. Spencer arrives at Boxford and announces Stafford, but Stafford is not there. The Duke tells Spencer that Stafford's battery must have run out. Spencer then takes the Duke and Duchess to see Stafford having his battery charged. They are both impressed, but cannot stay long as they have to meet with the Fat Controller at Knapford. Unfortunately, Spencer had used all of his coal and cannot go anywhere. Luckily, Stafford's battery had been fully charged and he is able to push Spencer all the way to Knapford.

At Knapford, everyone is excited to meet Stafford, especially the Fat Controller. Despite not being on Sodor long, Stafford had already showed that he was a really useful engine and Spencer had learned all about batteries.




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