“Peep! Peep! Hurry, Harold! It's an emergency! You must rescue the film star!”

Splashdown! is a magazine story.


Neville was sent to collect trucks on the coastal line. The sun was shining and Neville could think of no better place to be. At a signal, Harold hovered overhead. The helicopter informs Neville that he is waiting for a film star who is arriving on Sodor by plane. Neville was puzzled by Harold's presence on the coast; surely the film star's plane should land at the airport? Clouds began to sweep across the sky and a sea mist rolled in. Suddenly, Neville heard an approaching aircraft. Lower and lower it flew. Neville was horrified as the plane plummeted into the sea. Neville spied Harold hovering above once again. Neville orders Harold to rescue the film star, but the helicopter just laughs. Neville was now even more puzzled; this was no laughing matter. Then a breeze blew the mist and clouds away. Now Neville could see that the plane had floats beneath it. Harold explains that it is a seaplane and it needs a tow to the jetty. Neville is only too happy to help.

Once at the jetty, the famous film star was very pleased with her smooth tow. She asks Neville if he would like her autograph. Neville is star-struck as the film star writes her name on his boiler.



  • In the final illustration, Harold's blades are coloured white.