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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode or the DVD.
"What's a Railway In-spectacles?"
"It's Railway Inspector!
— Emily and James

Spick and Span is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


The big engines are excited as the Railway Inspector is coming to the Island of Sodor to check the railway and engines whether they are spick and span. On that day, Thomas and Percy have been working in the Quarry, and are soon covered in dust. But Thomas tells his friend that as soon as they are washed, they will look as grand as any engine, even Gordon.

Later as Gordon, James and Emily tries to find the sunniest spot to show off how sparkling clean they are, James bumps into a truck that rolls onto a lever - causing the coal to pour out all over them! Then the Railway Inspector arrives, and crossly comments that these engines are filthy. Meanwhile, Thomas and Percy have finally been scrubbed and polished. When they arrives, the Railway Inspector is delighted to see them looking shiny and clean, so delighted that he gives them a special badge each. Percy tells Thomas that he is right on what he has told him earlier "A Really Useful engine can look as grand as any engine!".





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