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"What a right royal show-off, rushing past us like that!"
— Daisy
Speedy Spencer

Thomas & Friends 627


November 9th, 2011

Speedy Spencer is a magazine story.


Spencer was visiting Sodor with his owners, the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. He sped at top speed past Daisy and Henry, blowing smoke in their faces; they were most annoyed. A few days later, there was a road race across the island and rally cars started arriving from the Mainland. The cars were soon taking test laps around the course and George was teasing the engines; they could not compete with the rally cars. Henry and the other engines were fuming, when they heard a shrill whistle. They trembled and Spencer roared through like a bullet. George stared in amazement as Spencer overtook the rally cars with ease. Everyone agreed that it was really useful after all that Spencer was so speedy.



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