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Special Video Collector's Set is a US VHS boxset released by Strand Home Video.


  1. Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories
  2. James Learns a Lesson and Other Stories
  3. Thomas Breaks the Rules and Other Stories
  4. Trust Thomas and Other Stories


1.Thomas Gets Tricked

2.Edward Helps Out

3.Come Out, Henry!

4.Henry to the Rescue

5.A Big Day for Thomas

6.Trouble for Thomas

7.Thomas Saves the Day

8.James Learns a Lesson

9.Foolish Freight Cars

10.A Proud Day for James

11.Thomas and the Conductor

12.Thomas Goes Fishing

13.Terence the Tractor

14.Thomas and Bertie's Great Race

15.Tenders and Turntables

16.Trouble in the Shed

17.Percy Runs Away

18.Thomas Comes to Breakfast

19.Henry's Special Coal

20.The Flying Kipper

21.Toby the Tram Engine

22.Trust Thomas


24.Toby's Tightrope

25.No Joke for James

26.Percy's Promise

27.Henry's Forest

28.The Trouble with Mud



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