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This article is about the PC game. You may be looking for the book or the magazine story.

Special Delivery is a PC game made by Focus Multimedia in 2006 for the UK and later released by Brighter Minds Media for the US in 2007. The US version was re-released in 2008. It was narrated by Robin Smith in the US version.


James is asked to make a very special delivery to the zoo when some new animals arrive at Brendam Docks. But James gets lost along the way and Sir Topham Hatt sends a search party to look for him. It's up to the player help Thomas and all his friends find James and get the animals to the zoo on time.



  • In the US release, the narrator mispronounces Brendam as "Brendan" in the opening.
  • James' wheels are not coloured in some scenes.
  • Some of the engines' whistles are incorrectly pitched.