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“C'mon! C'mon! Why aren't you trucks/cars where you should be?"
"There's no engine and we can only go where we're put!
You're in the wrong place, not us!”
―Bulstrode and the troublesome trucks

Special Attraction is the twenty-fifth episode of the fourth season.


One day, Toby is sent to a seaside village to be their "special attraction", as they have one every year, but when he gets there, he learns there is no room for him in the parade.

Toby chuffs back to the junction, and when Percy sees how sad Toby is, he wants to know why, but the Fat Controller tells him to take care of some important work in the harbour, and his driver says that it will be trouble with Bulstrode, a disagreeable barge who never stops complaining.

At the harbour, Bulstrode and the trucks are arguing about who is in the wrong place. Then, when Percy arrives, the trucks want to be shunted into a siding to load Bulstrode up, so he can leave.

Percy, unfortunately, cannot stop in time and ends up sending the trucks toppling off the wharf and right into Bulstrode's hull; which nearly sinks him much to the other trucks amusement. After being emptied, a disgraced Bulstrode is towed to a beach for children to play in.

When Percy returns, Toby is over his disappointment and tells Percy that his driver says that both of them are Special Attractions after all everywhere they go.





  • Studio equipment can be seen when Toby puffs through the seaside.
  • Before Percy's driver takes him down to the docks, he has dark brown hair. But as Percy puffed away, his driver has a different head mask and light brown hair colour.
  • When the trucks say "There's no engine and we can only go where we're put! You're in the wrong place, not us!" one has wonky eyes and another truck's face is loose.
  • When Percy's trucks land in Bulstrode's hull, Percy's wheels derail and he is crooked on his chassis.
  • The buffers Percy hits are placed quite a distance ahead of where the track actually ends.
  • In a close-up of Toby at the seaside, his left window (viewer's right) appears to be burnt.
  • In the close up of the truck's wheels when they say "Help! Help!" the track bounces slightly.
  • When Percy reverses with the trucks, they are facing him. But when he is lining them up, they are facing away from him.
  • When the trucks burst through the buffers, they come off the rails, but in another shot they derail again.
  • When Percy whistles just before buffering up to the trucks, a fast puffing noise can be heard.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 特殊的吸引力
Czech Velká Atrakce
Danish Særlig Seværdighed
Dutch Speciale Attractie
Finnish Vetonaula
German Die Hauptattraktion
Greek Ένα μοναδικό θέαμα
Hungarian Különleges Attrakció
Italian Attrazione Speciale
Japanese ちょっとしたみもの
Korean 토비와 퍼시의 하루
Norwegian En Spesiell Attraksjon
Polish Specjalna Atrakcja / Nadzwyczajna Atrakcja
Romanian Atracţia Specială
Russian Специальный аттракцион
Slovak Špeciálna Atrakcia
Slovenian Posebna Zanimivost
Spanish La Atracción del Desfile
Swedish Särskild Sevärdhet
Thai เพอร์ซีและโทบี้อยากเป็นจุดสนใจ
Ukrainian Особлива приваба

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