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Sony Creative Products Inc. (Japanese: ソニー・クリエイティブプロダクツ) is a Japanese distributing company who have been the current distributor of Thomas and Friends DVDs in Japan since 2008. They are also responsible for trademarking properties on overseas franchises, such as The Mr. Men and Little Misses, The Peanuts, Pingu, and SpongeBob SquarePants.


  1. Everyone Gather, All Aboard!
  2. Mystery Mountain
  3. The Legendary Hiro
  4. Rescue Strategy of Misty Island
  5. Diesel 10's Counterattack
  6. Nice to Meet You Thomas!
  7. Anytime With Percy!
  8. Anytime With James!
  9. Gordon and Henry the Large Engines
  10. Toby and Edward the Little Engines
  11. The Engine Twins
  12. Bertie and Harold Fellow Friends
  13. The Best Collection
  14. Thomas's Christmas
  15. I Dreamed Thomas Goodnight Bedtime Stories!
  16. Thomas and the Giraffe
  17. Strange Story of Thomas the Tank Engine
  18. Thomas is Role Model
  19. Engines’ Big Success
  20. Song and Story: Let's Sing a Song
  21. Song and Story: Sing Fun
  22. Song and Story: Let's Sing Together
  23. With Thomas: Work and Dance!!
  24. Will Not Stop
  25. I'm Busy Hurry Hurry!!
  26. Analyze Mountain Railway and Little Engines
  27. Big Panic Island of Sodor
  28. Welcome Aboard! Pleasant Fellow First Appearance On Sodor Island
  29. The Challenge Quiz!
  30. Reveal the Mystery of Sodor Island!
  31. Welcome to Sodor Island Tour!
  32. Thomas and the Friends of Vehicles
  33. Sodor Tour: Surprise Happening
  34. Tell Me About A Fun Day
  35. Thomas the Tank Engine Character Encyclopaedia
  36. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 9 Vol.1
  37. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 9 Vol.2
  38. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 9 Vol.3
  39. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 9 Vol.4
  40. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 9 Vol.5
  41. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 9 Vol.6
  42. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.1
  43. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.2
  44. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.3
  45. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.4
  46. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.5
  47. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.6
  48. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 11 Vol.1
  49. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 11 Vol.2
  50. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 11 Vol.3
  51. Thomas the Tank Engine Series 11 Vol.4
  52. Thomas and the Mountain Railway Engines
  53. A Lot of Engines!
  54. Keep It Up Thomas!
  55. Special Gift of Hiro and Thomas
  56. Outstanding Performances of Hiro and Thomas
  57. Playing in the Water and Fun with Thomas
  58. Tracking of Thomas
  59. Animals and Fun
  60. Mischief Strategy
  61. Try to Get Along
  62. People of Sodor Island
  63. Fuss Today!
  64. I Will Not Loose to the Diesel
  65. Suspense of Thomas the Tank Engine!!
  66. Fellow Hiro Special Care
  67. Sodor Maintenance Shop is Busy
  68. Thomas the Tank Engine Dictionary
  69. Thomas and Scruff
  70. The Exciting New Adventures of Thomas
  71. A Nice Little Story of Thomas the Tank Engine
  72. Fun Stories Popped Out from Picture Book
  73. Tell Me Stories, Thomas
  74. Thomas the Tank Engine New Character Encyclopaedia
  75. I Won't Be A Loser
  76. Sing! Dance! Thomas
  77. Mystery of the Blue Mountain
  78. To Transport a Lot Today
  79. Let's Help Each Other, We Are Friends
  80. Welcome to Splendid Sodor Island!!
  81. Full of Courage, Go!Go!Go!
  82. Surprise Loads with Exciting
  83. New Friends Come to the Castle of Sodor
  84. No, No Troubles!
  85. Crash and Smash! Look Out!
  86. Jobs in the Mountains and the Sea
  87. Startled in Spite of Oneself
  88. Full of Adventure on Sodor
  89. King of the Railway: Thomas and the Lost Crown
  90. Thomas' Surprise Plan
  91. Look Out! Look Out! A Great Crisis
  92. Sodor Railway Special Vehicle Collection
  93. It's Fun Because Everyone's Different!
  94. Something Fly! Fly! Thomas!!
  95. Thomas and the Rainbow
  96. Thomas and the Birthday Delivery
  97. Brave and the Monster of Sodor
  98. First Story of Thomas
  99. Thomas and the Pirate's Treasure
  100. Thomas and the Toy Store
  101. Let's Go Get Together! Lucky! Party Time
  102. Where is It? Is It Here? A Big Discovery on the Island of Sodor Map! What?
  103. I Love Everybody So Much! Special Milestones of Hiro
  104. Everybody Gather the Island of Sodor Athletic Meeting
  105. Don't Be Defeated by Thomas and Friends!!
  106. Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
  107. Thomas' Surprise!
  108. There Are Lots Of Thomas & Friends
  109. Run! Thomas and Bertie
  110. Run! Big Race on the Island of Sodor

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