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Songs from Sodor is a UK/AUS DVD featuring three extended songs from Calling All Engines!, seven ninth season songs, seven tenth season songs and one song from The Great Discovery.


Join Thomas and his friends for Karaoke fun in this collection of fantastic songs from Sodor.

Sing along to 18 of your favourite Thomas tracks and enjoy the special bonus Roll Call Rap!


  1. Engine Roll Call
  2. Busy (extended version)
  3. Trying (extended version)
  4. Together (extended version)
  5. Brave
  6. Day and Night
  7. Party Time
  8. Pride
  9. Every Day's a Special Day
  10. Sharing
  11. Togetherness
  12. Doing it Right
  13. Favourite Place
  14. Harold (short version)
  15. Navigation
  16. Old and New
  17. Responsibility
  18. Strength
  19. Thomas, You're the Leader/The Roll Call Rap (bonus feature)