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Songs and Tales is a Norwegian VHS/DVD featuring one third season episode and one fourth season episode narrated by Trine Lossius Borg, three fifth season episodes narrated by Gro Solemdal, and five songs.


  1. Angry Cranky
  2. Horrendous Lorry
  3. A Better View for Gordon
  4. Toby Gets Into Trouble
  5. Look Out for the Bike


  1. Thomas We Love You
  2. Don't Judge a Book Before You Read It
  3. The Song About the Island of Sodor
  4. Let's Have a Race
  5. Toby


  • The VHS front cover features an image from Steam Roller, but that episode is not on this release. Also, the VHS back cover features an image from Henry and the Elephant, which is not on this release either.
  • Let's Have a Race is not featured on the DVD release, although it is listed on the back cover.
  • This is the only video release in Norway to feature songs, and the only time songs were ever dubbed into norwegian(not including the songs from the specials).


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