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Sodor Tour: Surprise Happening (Japanese: ソドー島ツアー ビックリ!!ハプニング編) is a Japanese DVD featuring a program from the television series about happenings on Sodor with clips from various episodes from the classic series along with one episode from the first season and two episodes from the fifth season as part of the program.


  1. Thomas's Misfortune
  2. Snow
  3. Toby Drifted Out


  • This DVD was guided by Kernel, a railwayman of Sodor voiced by Nobuaki Kanemitsu.
  • This DVD has segments based on happenings on Sodor. These segments are based on certain themes:
    • Troublesome Trucks
    • Gordon's Hill
    • Various Accidents
    • Natural Accidents
    • Rescues.


  • The clip from Emily's New Coaches is out of sync.