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The Sodor Shipping Company is a large merchant shipping company based at Brendam Docks. The company also operates at Knapford Harbour.

History & Operations

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The Sodor Shipping Company is the business largely responsible for trade between the Island of Sodor, the Mainland and beyond. Exports handled by the company include china clay from the nearby clay pits, slate from the Blue Mountain Quarry and fish, which are transported by Henry and the Flying Kipper. The company also imports goods that Sodor cannot grow or make itself, such as bubble mixture for Mr. Bubbles and rock salt.[1]

The company operates at least two large warehouses, one at Brendam and another at Knapford, which cover three railway lines and loading platforms, and houses freight trains waiting for departure. The Brendam building contains the office of the Dock Manager[2], and is also used as a makeshift shed by Salty and Porter[3].