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Sodor Line

Sodor Line is the name of the steamboat that Thomas travels with in Misty Island Rescue. The steamboat also brought some of the Jobi Wood for the construction of the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Gordon, James, Edward and Sir Topham Hatt later travelled on the boat to find Thomas on Misty Island.

Later in Tale of the Brave, Thomas thought Percy was on board the ship so he made Cranky try and stop it before it left Brendam Docks, which resulted in him being nearly pulled into the sea. Luckily, the crew was able to stop it before Cranky was pulled right over.

The ship was seen semi-regularly during the eighteenth season. It also appeared in the nineteenth season episodes, Salty All At Sea, in which it brought Salty to the mainland and back again, and Diesel's Ghostly Christmas, where Salty is perched on its deck decorated as "The Ghost of Christmas Past" as part of Thomas' trick.

In The Great Race, it sailed away from Brendam with several crates, including the one with Diesel in it.

Edward tried to sleep on the ship when Tidmouth Sheds was being repaired, but he was awaken by the ship's horn and the ocean waves splashing him.


Sodor Line has a white superstructure and a green body with a yellow stripe and mast. The hull of the ship is red with a white stripe.


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