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"Hello! Are you happy to be here?"
'Arry and Bert to Fergus, Fergus Breaks the Rules, seventh season

The Sodor Ironworks, also known as the Smelters, is a company serving Sodor in the television series, first introduced in the fifth season. It appeared frequently until the twelfth season. The Ironworks is a huge foundry where scrap iron is delivered to be melted down to become molten iron. The site consists of a lot of sidings and a turntable as well as heaps of twisted scrap metal and steam engines for scrap. The steam engines find the Ironworks very scary, especially in the dark, when fizzling sparks fall from huge ladles full of molten iron, and shadows move around. Arry and Bert work here.

In Calling All Engines!, Percy and Henry had to sleep here due to Tidmouth Sheds being rebuilt.

The exact location of the Sodor Ironworks is unknown.



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