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"You can't rush maintenance, Salty!"
"What he means is, maintenance work has to be done properly."
— Den and Dart, Away From the Sea, seventeenth season

The Sodor Dieselworks, also known as the Vicarstown Dieselworks, is a repair yard specializing in the repair of diesel engines. It is the diesel equivalent of the Sodor Steamworks.

Although it was first seen in the fifteenth season, it was officially introduced in Day of the Diesels. It is run by Den and Dart, when Diesel 10 is not around.

When it was introduced, the Dieselworks was run down and shabby, with insufficient and damaged equipment. After a fire broke out in the main building, it was rebuilt. The company's logo is a picture of a diesel similar to Den's class, which is painted on the sides of their locomotives.

According to a magazine article, Dennis lives here as well.


The site of the Dieselworks consists of:

  • An elevating turntable
  • A crane named Happy Hook
  • A set of lifting jacks
  • An on-site smelting department
  • A five-road shed with a turntable to accommodate the Diesels
  • A special shed for Diesel 10
  • A giant vice


  • The Dieselworks is located in a desert-like area, not far from Vicarstown.



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