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The Sodor Animal Park, also known as the Sodor Wildlife Centre, first appeared in the fourteenth season episode, Thomas' Tall Friend, when Thomas delivered a giraffe to the park for its grand opening. An elephant once escaped from the Animal Park when a tree knocked down the wall of its enclosure. Charlie raised the alarm and soon the elephant was back where she belonged. Later, Emily was tasked with transporting a model of the world here.

It has a small station platform. It has large gates at its entrance and fences painted in zebra stripes. In a magazine story, it is revealed that the park owns a zebra-striped buggy.

The Animal Park is located on Edward's Branch Line between Lower Suddery and Dingley Halt.


  • An elephant
  • A giraffe
  • Parrots
  • Ostriches
  • Monkeys that were heard in Calm Down Caitlin
  • Hippos

Other animals might live here possibly zebras since the fences have a zebra stripe cover.




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