This article is about 'the Chinese DVD'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the 2010 magazine story, the 2011 magazine story or the Thailand DVD'.

Snow Tracks is a Chinese DVD featuring four episodes from the thirteenth season and one from the fourteenth season.


Gordon thinks he's the strongest engine, the most special - the best. Ignoring the advice of the Fat Controller not to climb any steep hills in the snow, Gordon does. In the process he sploshes Spencer the smart engine, crashes into some trucks and derails Thomas. Gordon isn't strong enough to release Thomas from the snow and so he gets Rocky. Rocky rescues Thomas and Gordon learns a lesson. He learns that all engines are special - none are best.


  1. Snow Tracks
  2. Henry's Good Deeds
  3. Buzzy Bees
  4. Hiro Helps Out
  5. Thomas' Tall Friend


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