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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2010 magazine story, the 2011 magazine story, the Thailand DVD or the Chinese DVD.
"Perishing Pistons!"
— Gordon
Snow Tracks

Greg Tiernan


Nicole Stinn


Alan Hescott


Michael Angelis
(UK, 2010)
Michael Brandon
(US, 2010)
Mark Moraghan
(US, 2013)

Air date

February 16th,
2010 (UK)
February 21st,
2010 (AUS)
April 14th,
2010 (JAP)
October 16th,
2010 (US)
December 11th,
2011 (NOR)

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Present of All

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Henry's Good Deeds

Snow Tracks is the seventeenth episode of the thirteenth season.


A snowstorm has covered Sodor and Thomas and Gordon are given important jobs. While doing his job, Gordon decides to take the shorter, hilly route because he thinks he is special and stronger. He slips several times, spraying Spencer with snow and crashing into some slate trucks. While climbing Gordon's Hill, he inadvertently creates a giant snowball that starts to roll back. It smashes into Thomas and he derails, who had been following him. While he is delivering his load, Gordon collects Rocky to put Thomas back on the rails. Then he helps Thomas do his job. That night, Gordon announces that no engine is special and they are all the best.




  • This episode was shown in select US theaters.
  • Mark Moraghan re-narrated this episode for the Santa's Little Engine DVD in 2013.
  • So far, this is the only Season 13 episode to have the director's name on the title card.
  • This is the first episode since the sixth season to include three narrators.


  • The narrator said that Gordon pumped his pistons proudly, but his pistons did not move.
  • Just as Gordon puffs up to Thomas to apologize for the snowball, Gordon's wheels stop spinning for a split second.
  • When Gordon leaves to get Rocky, he's dirty. But when he arrives with Rocky, he's clean.
  • The yellow signal is red; but that type of signal is only fitted with yellow and green lamps.
  • At Maron, the workmen are called stationmasters.
  • The narrator says that Thomas and his truck of firewood derailed, but there were two trucks. The narrator also states that Thomas and his truck of firewood were lifted high in the air, but only Thomas is lifted up.
  • In the opening scene, there is snow inside of Tidmouth Sheds.
  • In Mark Moraghan's re-narration of the episode, Thomas' cry for help as the snow ball is about to crash into him is omitted.
  • When Gordon puffs up to Thomas to apologize, his wheels are morphing through the snow.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Welsh Eira trwm Heavy Snow
Finnish Lumi Vallassa Snow in Power
Danish Vinter Gider Winter Bother
Norwegian Snøspor Snow Tracks
Japanese ゆきのひのできごと Incident on the Snowy Day
Polish Sodor w śniegu Sodor in the Snow
French La boule de neige géante The Giant Snowball
Swedish Spår i snön Tracks in the Snow
Dutch Sneeuw op het Spoor Snow on the Track

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